cavatorta. when security becomes

Cavatorta. When security becomes "Activa"

Cavatorta Project thanks to the cooperation with SICURIT Alarmitalia Spa, a leading company in the security systems sector, presents HSF Activa ™, the sensitive fencing system able to detect any attempt of intrusion, cutting, breaking through and climbing over.

Unlike the conventional high security perimeter physical protection systems, to which the active protection elements are applied externally, HSF Activa ™ is an integrated system, able to accommodate inside the structure by mean of specifically designed cable ducts, the active protection elements (sensors) and the relative cable / signal lines, in a protected, invisible and inviolable way.

This feature offers multiple advantages:

safety is of primary importance,  the systems are inviolable as they are protected from attacks, damages and bad weather conditions, with consequent practically zero maintenance interventions and a longer life span.

Not least the aesthetic factor, as the fence is clean and tidy, without requiring ingenious adaptations, as happens with traditional systems.

HSF Activa ™ is made up of high security electro-welded mesh panels, produced using 4.00 mm (8 ga.)  Galvatec® coated wires (Alu-Zinc alloy). The HSF Activa ™ panels, classified as Anti Cut and Anti Climbing, are made to prevent any vandalism thanks to the small  76.2 x 12.7 mm meshes as well as its resistance, both factors create a safety barrier against climb over, not allowing any support to feet or hands. Not even the wire cutters can be used as there is not enough space between the meshes.

The heart of HSF Activa ™ is a sophisticated system for detecting the points of attack (detection accuracy of +/- 2.5 m) which, compared to traditional fence systems, is completely hidden and tamper-proof.

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