compasses plus at dubai design week

Compasses Plus at Dubai Design Week

Cplus current issue focuses on the most interesting events of Dubai Design Week 2018, that marks the design district and the Emirate with more than 230 events this year. 

Cplus current issue focuses on the most interesting events of Dubai Design Week 2018, that marks the design district and the Emirate with more than 230 events this year. The challenges in making design a thriving industry within a country that is actually importing 80% of goods on sale are evident: design is intrinsically embedded in a context where manufacturing and creativity are bond by a common faith and they drag each other in a virtuous cycle.

Dubai Design Week and its director, William Knight, are addressing clear strategies that highlight the role of being here, now, together for a sustainable future that will last beyond universal and local exhibitions. This will involve resident talents and manufacturers whom helped to build the past and the present of a nation that, despite being temporary guests, we all admire and we feel our own. Does this mean that UAE, the gulf region and the MENASA in the wider perspective do not need any more to import foreigner design goods? Not at all, with the quantity of hospitality and residential projects on their way to completion, the numbers of units that are being handed over at a rate of hundred per day, the inner manufacturing sector will never meet the requirements. Still the local production force will account for a long time as a tiny drop in the ocean of western and Asian furniture that regularly hits the Emirates market. Part of the plan is to encourage the high profile manufacturer, strengthening relationships with other countries at institutional and commercial level. Year by year the involvement of resident talents and foreigner companies into several contributions is growing organically showing that milestones are being reached and despite we are talking about a four years old localized initiative the impact is going to reflect on a whole economic sector of the United Arab Emirates. This trend is evident from the yearly increased space dedicated to the commercial fair Downtown Design and its prime location along the canal, highlighting its special role among the other initiatives at the Dubai Design Week.

The events are not only happening at the Dubai Design District (d3) but across the whole Emirate therefore do not forget to download the brand new app, literally leading you hand-in-hand to your desired destinations, making wayfinding an obsolete and redundant typology of design prop. While wandering around the many installations present in Dubai Design District (d3), you can find a group of structure that is different from any other, the Abwab pavilions. These exhibitions are definitely catalyzing the roles of MENASA emerging designers towards a brilliant future and if you are thinking to enter this market these young talents are the right focal lens to magnify your success. Taken from five cities across the region, these designers, architects and artists are fostering the latest trends in term of material and cultural research and you are going to hear the echoes of their names towards further achievements.

Just few steps away you will find the Global Grad Show, catering some of the most incredible academic multidisciplinary works from all over the globe,it is going back to his original location within d3 premises to get closer to its true audience. These are the growing wannabe designer community, aiming at a career that was once considered cool hobby for the rich but now is in need of new, more pragmatic inputs based on requirements that science alone could hardly address beyond labs’ white rooms. Here comes the role of the UAE ever-evolving educational scene, made of excellences that sometimes do not make it to newspaper headlines but definitely sustain our life. Once more, we all need to address global values if we want to aim at prosperity, and sustainability is a big concern in the region. Grab-asyou- go Short-term investment no longer pays off, we all need to have a life, save resources and eventually make money in a responsible way. People Planet Profit, the sustainability initiative that Compasses have the honor to collaborate is also there at the earth of d3. 

The happening that I’m Co-curating alongside with one of our precious contributor, Massimo Imparato, father of the initiative, constitute one of the cultural highlight of the whole festival with a program of several appointments with a concentration on the 15th November where a series of panels and keynote will take place on the main stage at building 4. Do not forget to visit us and you can get a glimpse of what to expect from the website .

If you need more excuses to enjoy this Dubai Design Week, just walk around and see, you will not be disappointed.

Ivan Parati

Editoral Director Compasses Plus

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