g.t.design @ ioc office new york by gensler

G.T.Design @ IOC Office New York by Gensler

The Italian company, G.T.Design, creates top-of-the-range designer rugs presented in its broad-reaching catalogue. Thanks to its 40 years of history and specialization in excellent-quality design rugs created using quality fibers and procedures, the company also offers its expertise to benefit interior designers and their projects. The textile component is an essential ingredient of every interior design project and it paves the way for spaces with a wide-angle perspective.

Over the years, the design division of G.T.Design has enjoyed numerous prestigious partnerships with major international architecture studios. 

Recently, G.T.Design and studio Gensler used surface textiles (rugs) from its Luoghi collection in the plans for the contract departments and headquarters of IOC (International Office Concept), Lema Group, New York. The blurred colors of the Luoghi rugs in the conference rooms and the management offices inject the warmth of hand-woven natural wool, decorated with random splashes of clear colors. The gray and green hues in the irregular patterns create an oasis that draws and relaxes the eyes during the working day of endless mails and conference calls. In actual fact, the textile design is one of the components that is conducive to focus, concentration and a sense of wellness in professional environments. The soft furnishings used in office design make an important contribution to generating a greater sense of belonging and creating a positive personal relationship with the surrounding space.

Given the current trend of Smart Offices, designers attempt to identify models that will stimulate greater inclusiveness of all biological and psychological dynamics of the employees. Rediscovering the value of ‘restorative niches’ leads to respect for the psychological and personality requirements of staff members who prefer warm welcoming environments. 

Textiles in the professional spaces are fundamental components for the creation of ambiences that are ideal for recharging the physiological batteries and bringing out the very best in the staff. And the new designs are geared to providing the quality of life in the workplace that people choose or demand today. 

Designed by Deanna Comellini, designer and art director of the Bologna-based company, the elegant creations by G.T.Design can be described as a brilliant explosion of color, light and nature; they blend the most traditional artisan crafts with contemporary design through experimentation and innovation.