iguzzini to launch a new light experience and training centre in bahrain

iGuzzini to launch a new Light Experience and Training Centre in Bahrain

iGuzzini is delighted to announce that the first and full working iGuzzini Light Experience and Training Centre in the Gulf region will be soon officially opened in Bahrain.

iGuzzini is delighted to announce that the first and full working iGuzzini Light Experience and Training Centre in the Gulf region will be soon officially opened in Bahrain. The Centre will be launched in conjunction with iGuzzini’s longstanding distributor Al Bait, with over 30 years of collaboration in the region, and will be located within its showroom in Palace Avenue in Manama to reinforce the company’s presence and commitment to the Middle East.The official launch will take place on Wednesday 12th April with a networking reception and a series of seminars dedicated to lighting and its culture and will be held under the patronage and the presence of H.E. Domenico Bellato, Italy’s Ambassador to Bahrain.

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Compasses, considered the most knowledgeable international interior design and architecture platform in the Middle East, will be the official media partner of the event. A place for meetings, discussions, networking, work and training, the Training Centre will be devoted to the lighting community across the Middle East and will be located in the centre of Manama, in Palace Avenue. The new Centre will be featuring a full range of new products and new technologies for both interior and exterior applications. The company’s most iconic and innovative luminaires, such as Laser Blade, Trick, Underscore and Palco will be displayed and installed throughout the space.

The space, in addition to a spacious guests welcome area, will be boasting two key functional zones to offer a full interactive experience to all its visitors: the Light Experience and the Outdoor Lab. The Light Experience takes the interaction with lighting and its effects to a different level, redesigning the way luminaires are presented.

A signature tool developed by iGuzzini, the Light Experience is the place where light can be touched, felt and experimented. Its visitors are taken through a spatial and sensory journey covering a wide range of lighting effects on different type of materials, testing first-hand the infinite possibilities designed by the company’s cutting edge luminaires. A dark room with the latest generation iGuzzini devices and graphic lighting displays, The Light Experience is the tangible cornerstone of the company’s mission, which aims at recognizing the pivotal role of lighting as a social innovator.

The Outdoor Lab is a kind of an outdoor permanent workshop where the visitors will be able to see several Street/Urban Lighting fittings displayed and operational. The main iGuzzini purpose of this external area is to allow visitors to experience and fully understand the impact and the power of the new optics and lenses technologies in the street lighting.

In addition to the street lighting, flood lights will also play a major role in the outdoor lab as there will be the possibility to interact with the fittings, their accessories and the lighting effects. The external environment will be also characterized by Trick, the iconic fitting designed by Dean Skira, which will be installed throughout the area to create different scenarios of graphic lights. The new iGuzzini Training Centre is intended to become the company’s main hub for the entire Gulf region. The space will be not only utilized for all the internal training and the team’s technical/educational activities, but will also be the company’s main educational platform in the region, with an extensive program of workshops, seminars and lectures dedicated to the entire lighting community: architects, lighting designers, professionals, students and lighting passionate. A place where light actually happens and lighting is the propulsive force for an ongoing debate on social innovation.

Innovation, education, good quality lighting, technology, social commitment and knowledge transfer: all the main pillars of the company’s vision will be fully operational through the Centre’s activities and program. On the occasion of the space’s launch, iGuzzini, in conjunction with Al Bait, will be hosting an Evening of Light Entertainment. The event will feature an educational program with 3 international speakers exploring various issues related to lighting and architecture. The seminar led by Sergio Padula, Technical Director at iGuzzini Middle East, will be followed by both the Light Experience and Outdoor Lab interactive sessions for all the guests. Paolo Guzzini, General Manager of iGuzzini Middle East and Vice President of FIMAG, will be also attending the event, representing the company’s HQ. Lighting designers, architects, professionals and institutional figures will be all gathering not only to get a preview of the new space but also to bring the debate on lighting and its revolutionary phase forward and to share the latest trends in the industry.

iGuzzini, a top leader architectural lighting manufacturer with an international network of over 26 subsidiary companies and local distributors across Europe, Asia and USA, is an international community at the service of design and architecture and is committed to social innovation though lighting for a positive development of life and society. Founded in 1959 in Italy, it is a production hub with a strong and deep-rooted vocation for innovation, and a centre of excellence for the study, design and management of light in all its forms. The company produces indoor and outdoor lighting systems in collaboration with the best architects, lighting designers, universities and research centres in the world. It operates as a centre of innovation and know-how that develops specific tools for controlling and customising light thanks to its meticulous research and qualification of optical devices, lamps, management interfaces and vital energy

Since the opening of the Middle East’s branch in 2008, iGuzzini boasts a solid presence in the region. The recent opening of the branch in Qatar, along with the establishment of a local management in Saudi Arabia and Lebanon, as well as the recent acquisition of additional key markets in Eurasia and Africa, are all parts of the company’s strategy of internationalization to secure a strong and significant presence in high growth areas and provide a full range of pre and post sales services from projects’ conception to completion.

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