linea light group: a bright headgear for the new omantel headquarters

Linea Light Group: A bright headgear for the new Omantel headquarters

Oman Telecommunications Company is the leading telecommunications company in Oman and is the primary Internet services provider in the country.

The new HQ building, located in the Madinat Irfan Business Park, was developed with the Omani tourism board OMRAN and stands out for its wavy, overlapping lines which draw their inspiration from the traditional local headgear.

The outdoor lighting design, implementing Linea Light Group branded products and technologies, was curated by Visual Energy, the lighting design firm with branches in London, Singapore and Dubai and specialised in made-to-measure projects all over the world.


Visual Energy’s goal was to light the external architecture in a functional way in order to give it a unique and unforgettable visual and spectacular impact.

The Linea Light Group branded solutions carried out this task respectably. The structure of the building is crossed by Rubber 3D Bend in the custom version. In the decision to accommodate the Omantel building, Linea Light Group gave the project a control system that can also be used remotely. In fact, the Rubber strips are DMX managed, thereby providing the ability to calibrate the intensity and colour of the product’s light as desired, based on the different needs from time to time.


In order to even out the perimeter of the structure, Ryo was selected, a bollard with minimalistic appearance and in single and double emission version. Used to provide the correct support for directing guests and users, Ryo guarantees complete freedom of movement after sunset.


Last, but not least, to illuminate and emphasise the vertical aspect of the building, Suelo uplights with flood optics were chosen, whereas for the fountain adjacent to the entrance, the submerged uplight Admiral was selected, specific for pools and underwater environments, characterised by AquaStop® technology, an anti-intake system for the power cables which are thereby protected from water and humidity. 


Name: Omantel HQ

Project and lighting designer: Visual Energy UK

Products: Rubber 3D Bend custom, Ryo, Suelo, Admiral

Year: late 2019