Fjord, the new Fiandre collection

 Stone has always been a symbol of solidity and durability, and it has a close bond with mankind, starting with the first ever constructions and continues to this day in contemporary architecture. 

The porcelain stoneware slabs in the Fjord collection draw their inspiration from the enigmatic charm of Scandinavia, those places where stone is a dominant part of the landscape; here, nature itself, with its strength, erodes the rock to create beguiling protrusions and dips which stand proudly and solemnly on the North Sea. The tone-on-tone clouding which embellishes the various shades of Fjord and make up the range of colours recalls the pale surfaces marked by time and by the primordial forces of nature. The seven delicate, neutral colours adapt perfectly to combinations that are in keeping with natural elements, as well as in contrast with sophisticated surfaces. Owing to its extreme versatility, Fjord can be applied both indoors and out, and it is designed to interpret both more contemporary and minimalist tastes as well as the more refined and stylish ones. 

Available in 150x75, 75x75, 120x60, 60x60 and 60x30 cm sizes and in semi-polished finish, the R10 coefficient of friction makes it suitable for both residential and commercial settings. The Dusty Fjord, Grey Fjord and Sand Fjord colours are also available in 2 cm thickness with an R11 A+B+C coefficient of friction, making them suitable for all types of outdoor environments.

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