Fontanot, 70 years of design and innovation Made in Italy

The pride of Made in Italy around the globe, Fontanot has contributed to the transformation of the staircase sector into a genuine design oasis. This family business is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year and the Italian brand’s vice-president and business developer Laura Fontanot explains the secrets of their success. 


‘We’re certainly a modern company and in the forefront from many points of view’ – says Laura Fontanot. ‘We’re aware that we need to have a presence in every marketing channel, in order to take maximum advantage of the available sales opportunities and to increase our visibility and brand awareness.’ Fontanot has a presence in retail, on the web, with large-scale distributors and in the contract market through an internal/external organization that uses all of the tools currently available to stay in contact with clients. The entire range of social media, one-to-one meetings with architects, press presentations, etc. It’s all orchestrated, supervised and monitored by qualified experts. 


Fontanot is a family business that’s been advancing Italian expertise over the last 70 years by uniting tradition and modernity. Enzo Fontanot has handed down his passion for craftsmanship to his children: Laura, Francesco and Michele. Performing different tasks, they’re all contributing to the greatness of a brand that generates 70% of its turnover abroad. 


With globalization and competition, the difference is in the attention to detail that rewards quality and in the technological research that, now more than ever, are taking centre stage. Fontanot uses certified materials for every project, ensuring the highest safety standards and using every possible marketing channel. Hence the great importance of e-commerce, which integrates the broad offer available at physical stores, that makes it possible to reach an ever-broadening clientele.


Fontanot’s most recent projects:

• Bosco Verticale – Milan: staircase for the entrance lobby to the residential complex that received the World's Most Beautiful Highrise award from the Frankfurt Architecture Museum in 2014

• Allianz Tower – Milan: staircase connecting the halls of the highrise designed by architect Arata Isozaki.

• UniCredit Pavilion – Milan: main staircase for the new multipurpose space designed by architect Michele De Lucchi.

• Residence Saint Castle Village – South Korea: 1000 stairs of the Genius collection commissioned by the Dong Wong company.

• Luxury Hotel "Il Sereno" – Como: main staircase for the luxury hotel designed by designer Patricia Urquiola.

• Residence Montagnola – Lugano: main staircase for the residence designed by the architect Richard Meier.

• 2017: Sunset Drive – Costa Blanca (Benidorm): luxury housing development where the LaFont Essential staircase takes centre stage.

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