Opening New Doors to Emirates Life Style

Throughout the past years, UAE has witnessed a major development in the creation of the biggest local & tourist attractions – mainly focusing on outdoor entertainment. This started a trend, which became the genesis of remarkable projects such as The Walk at JBR, Dubai Safari Park, Al Seef Area, and the Dubai Canal. 

The main aim when investing in these projects is always to create attractions that include facilities convenient for the visitors and outdoor working labor during UAE’s harsh summers. This calls for the need of optimum outdoor thermal comfort conditions to be implemented in the design development, and the provision of safe working conditions for the labor to avoid dehydration, heart-related illnesses, heat strokes, and any sort of harm caused due to the infamous UAE hot weather.

In addition, Sustainability is also a major aim for UAE when immersing the development of any project, the enormous amounts of construction sites going on since more than two decades are now calling for new regulations that could prevent further environmental challenges. 

The Dubai Canal is a living proof of that, – “hitting two birds with one “- ever since its development, it had enhanced the flow of the water surrounding it and the nearby areas. It also provided the perfect tourist attraction, because of its restaurants, shopping facilities, and various outdoor activities, such as cycling, skateboarding, etc.

Upcoming projects that appear to have become a major innovative creation is the Floating Venice – an underwater luxury vessel resort. Situated in The World Islands, it embraces the idea of connecting art and culture with providing its visitors with a luxurious and calming experience. It contains restaurants, accommodation, pools, spas, and shopping facilities, in order to give you the full Venetian experience.

This project is expected to be done and open in 2020, which would officially make it the world’s first underwater luxury vessel resort, thus, giving UAE the opportunity to create new worldwide records of its own, yet again.

Another upcoming project that is soon to be finished is the Jumeirah Beach Coastline, Bluewaters Island. Consisting of Ain Dubai – the world’s largest observation wheel, a variety of residential areas, and retail stores, it creates a safe family environment that mixes lifestyle with entertainment.

This Private Island aims to provide tourists and locals with a mirror to the breathtaking views of Dubai through the Ain Dubai, and also creating a home experience that is out of the norm.

In addition, it appears that the main concentration of UAE had been focused on opening its people, of all social classes and positions in the hierarchy, to different forms of art. It tries to mix modern and vintage art, in order to create attractions that would pull the people’s attention to it and allow them to explore the 3-dimensional world through a brand-new lens.

We can see that through the various street art plastered around Dubai - Al Satwa Community, in particular. A creative approach to that is the Dubai Street Museum, as named by Dubai ruler - Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum. It seeks to turn Dubai into a portal of cultural and contemporary aesthetic creations. Joining the work of artists from around the world and local ones through the art of Graffiti. 

Last, but not least, we could also look forward to the opening of the Dubai Creek Harbor, located 15 minutes from Downtown Dubai, it is said to be a major leap into the future. This development will contain residential and commercial areas, and will become known as the home of the Dubai Creek Tower, which is set to break Burj Khalifa’s record as the tallest building in the world. This particular project allows us to see the futuristic and innovative vision that UAE always tries to reach in each and every single one of its developments.

As we can see, this ongoing trend has definitely helped UAE break its people out of the need to stay indoors to avoid the heat, by providing these suitable outdoor facilities that shelter you from the heat and occasional wind, which are appearing to get more and more innovative and creative day by day. 


Yara Dakak

Design hi-story, Samantha Kane-Macdonald, INDEX exhibition director’s interview

Celebrating now its 28th anniversary on the Middle Eastern scene Index Exhibition still shows the energy to sustain an ever-changing creative environment that poses year-by-year new challenges to the commercial and cultural operators in the field. We are asking Samantha Kane-Macdonald, event director at INDEX to tell us what INDEX was, what it became and what is going to be in the future.


Diphy by Linea Light Group

A thin white painted aluminum bar houses the LED light source, a clean light fills the screen-printed PMMA diffuser that distributes it downward. 


Kedry Prime, the bioclimatic pergola by KE, turns a country house into a comfortable family home in Tuscany

During the renovation of a country house located in Bibbona (Livorno), in the upper Tuscan Maremma, the bioclimatic pergola Kedry Prime by KE was chosen to re-qualify the outdoor space.


A hybrid dream: the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge on the Bosphorus

 Something new has appeared in the fascinating landscape of the Bosphorus Strait.

Slender, soaring while at the same time powerful, contemporary, reaching out to the future, this is the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, the new landmark of modernity connecting Europe and Asia.