Diphy by Linea Light Group

A loan from botany, a slight silhouette. A thin white painted aluminum bar houses the LED light source, a clean light fills the screen-printed PMMA diffuser that distributes it downward.

The extreme transparency is in contrast to the brightness of the lamp lit, embellished with a characteristic pattern of laser micro-incisions (OptiLight Technology™).

The pendant versions seem like falling leaves driven by a light breeze.

The free standing lamp has one leaf, large and bright, which connotes the environments. 


  • Red Dot Award 2017 - winner
  •  Finalist AIT trend 2017
  • Venetian Smart Lighting Award – winner
  • ADI Design Index 2017 – Official selection for Compasso d’Oro ADI 2018

Design hi-story, Samantha Kane-Macdonald, INDEX exhibition director’s interview

Celebrating now its 28th anniversary on the Middle Eastern scene Index Exhibition still shows the energy to sustain an ever-changing creative environment that poses year-by-year new challenges to the commercial and cultural operators in the field. We are asking Samantha Kane-Macdonald, event director at INDEX to tell us what INDEX was, what it became and what is going to be in the future.


Opening New Doors to Emirates Life Style

Throughout the past years, UAE has witnessed a major development in the creation of the biggest local & tourist attractions. This started a trend, which became the genesis of remarkable projects such as The Walk at JBR, Dubai Safari Park, Al Seef Area, and the Dubai Canal. 


KE for a private villa outdoor in the Antigua harbour, in the heart of the Caribbean

KE structures were chosen by Arch. Perna and Arch. Tulumello for a prestigious private villa, placed next to Antigua’s marina; Antigua is one of the isles in the Lesser Antilles, in the Caribbean Sea, renowned for its white sand and turquoise sea beaches.


Mamoli bets on the great architects and raises the stakes with the Gio Ponti collection relaunch

Mamoli, leading kitchen and bathroom faucet brand through the past 80 years, honors the great designers of days of yore by bringing back architect Gio Ponti’s iconic collection - first designed in 1953.